We wanted to stand out as one of the best private schools in West LA. Our curriculum models are rigorous, immersive, and combine students’ interests directly with the skills in the humanities and sciences they need to master for graduation.


  • MENTOR: Students at The MEG schools develop community, cultivate life and school skills, and learn how to lead through our unique mentorship program.
  • EXPLORE: Each student chooses from a menu of different tracks that explore big ideas, offer hands-on academic experiences, and ignite passion for learning.
  • GROW: Every student helps to compile an Individualized Learning Profile, a record of their unique intellectual identity, goals, and academic progress.
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Engineering Education West LA The MEG School

OUR Curriculum

Students at The MEG School have the opportunity to learn traditional subjects (math, science, history, English) through the lens of different tracks that align with student interests, teacher expertise, and real-life applications. The three tracks are:

The MEG Culture

The curriculum model at The MEG School encompasses more than just traditional academic subjects—we want our students to grow in many dimensions. Our teachers, counselors, and coaches guide students in mindfulness practice, attend to student mental and physical wellness, and take a holistic approach to student development.

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