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Our Vision of The MEG School

From the Founders of The MEG School

As a group of educators and community members, we all saw a need in our school system;  a need to create a place where students can explore and grow and discover the passions they will take to college. We spent months brainstorming and finally decided to create a 501(c)(3) nonprofit private school that focused on Creative Arts, Emerging Technology, and Outdoors and Sustainability. At the time of inception, many of our team members were worried about being too ambitious. Some of us thought it was a  little crazy. How were we going to design a curriculum that is project-based and focused on three different treks? Some of us thought we were opening three schools all at once. Our idea is radical. It is innovative. And yes, it is ambitious. But this is how the founders of The MEG School envision it.

As founders of a new school, we have undertaken a unique and challenging task. There are the usual jobs that need to get done: to hire teachers and recruit students. We have to create a learning environment that is both completely different from others, yet still feels like home. We have to balance the books. And ultimately, we have to ensure the success of our students. Creating a school, any kind of school, from the ground up is a daunting endeavor. And we have chosen to do all of the above while creating a new and innovative curriculum.

Students have beautiful minds, each unique and holding different talents and passions.  We believe that students deserve the opportunity to explore their individual passions in the context of their classes. We don’t believe our students should have to wait for their extracurricular time to understand how their academics subjects connect to the things they are  passionate about. We want them to understand why knowledge of physics is important to their independent film project. To understand why writing skills are so important in communicating with the world about their next coding project. Or better yet, why geometry is key to creating clean water in remote areas. These were all projects and ideas that we wished we’d had a chance to learn about in our own schooling.

It is time to teach our children how to learn and why each subject plays a role in their passions. This is why we decided to take the leap of faith and design a school with this innovative, even radical three-trek structure. These three treks, Creative Arts, Emerging Technology, and Outdoors and Sustainability, allow the collaboration and flow of creativity that comes with real life experiences. In designing our curriculum, we didn’t just think of one generic student. We imagined a group of diverse individuals working collaboratively together on projects they are passionate about. We are creating a school that can begin to teach our students those values. We are building a school that is truly next generation. We don’t want our school to have one expedition week each quarter where there is some project-based learning and peer-to-peer collaboration. Our students will have these experiences on a daily basis. Our three treks will ensure that no student’s curiosity is left untapped.

As the founders of an innovative new school, we understand more than anything the nervousness parents may feel sending their students to a new school environment.  You have questions: Will it have an incoming class of freshman eager and curious to learn? Who is going to fill this class and is my child going to be the right fit? Will The MEG School even be there in September? We understand and hear all of the concerns. And we assure you that The MEG School will be there and be ready. We have a fantastic team, every one of whom is eager to explore this new way of teaching. We know this school is the right step for the next generation. Our world is changing and our educational system must change. Education must evolve so that the next generation of students are not just ready for the future but actively creating it. Change in education will happen. The MEG School is where it starts.  

Join us.

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