Over the course of their time at The MEG School, each student develops an Individualized Learning Profile (ILP) in collaboration with their teachers, families, and the Learning Support resource team. The ILP serves as a record of each student’s unique intellectual identity, goals, and academic progress. In particular, the ILP serves as documentation, in addition to transcripts and grade reports, of a students college and career readiness.

Unlike a traditional IEP, the ILP is a narrative document that describes the student as learner in detail, and emphasizes learning that is clearly connected to the student’s developing career goals and post-secondary plans. According to the National Collaborative on Workforce & Disability for Youth, the adoption of a quality ILP document and process supports more personalized learning, enhances relevance of school to students’ lives, and improves student outcomes in career planning and goal-setting.

Supplements to the narrative Individualized Learning Profiles include traditional lists of accommodations (which support requests for services such as extra time on standardized testing), as well as neuropsychiatric reports and educational testing. Our Learning Support team works to synthesize these documents into a digestible format for teachers and students alike, so that the recommendations made are easy to realize in the classroom and at home.