Why? To develop identity and community.

Through peer mentorship at The MEG School, students build resilience, learn stress management skills, and cultivate a positive school environment. Mentors build self-esteem, seeing themselves as teachers and leaders, while mentees develop respect and appreciation for their peers’ diverse skills and strengths. Sometimes the best way for students to learn is from hearing stories from students that have just overcome those same challenges. It is a unique and different perspective that teachers may not be able to provide.

When The MEG School student graduates, he or she will move on, ready to forge positive relationships among colleagues and work collaboratively in academia and their careers. The youth mentorship program at The MEG School:

Mentorship Program West LA The MEG School
  • Creates an environment where student support comes not only from teachers and counselors, but also from fellow students and alumni.
  • Encourages a strong sense of community and student ownership.
  • Gives older students responsibility, self-esteem, and experience teaching and guiding others.
  • Develops life and school skills: study habits, time management, financial literacy, and health and safety.

When? Every morning and afternoon.

Our students build collaboration skills and community identity in every class, every day. To support our emphasis on mindfulness and mentorship, we provide structured times for activities. We have a 30-minute period in the mornings and a 15-minute period after lunch each day. In this time, students will regularly meet with their mentors, working together to complete structured activities and personal check-ins.

What? Communication, emotional skill-building, and leadership.

By working with their mentors, students will observe and practice socioemotional skills such as stress management, positive self-talk, and effective communication. By getting study techniques, sage advice, and organization strategies from other students, they will start to develop their own toolbox of academic skills—and more importantly, hear the stories of other students who have successfully taken on the challenges ahead.

Peer Mentorship The MEG School

When they become mentors, our students will have an opportunity to make The MEG School the environment that best supports learning and growth. Through guided activities, student mentors will learn leadership skills such as active listening, effective and empathetic communication, and how to recognize and respect differences. They will become equipped to build positive, goal-directed communities at home and in the workplace, and build self-esteem and confidence as they learn to see themselves as leaders and coaches.

How? A structured roll-out.

In our inaugural year, faculty will play a key role in establishing the goals and structure of the mentorship program. After initial work on mindfulness and self-reflection, new students will be ready to reflect on the role and responsibility of mentorship, starting in January to take on a temporary peer mentor role in guided activities. By next September, they will be ready to show new freshmen the ropes!