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Arts and Sciences in Tandem: STEAM not STEM Arts and sciences are often thought to operate in disparate worlds. In time that is prioritizing math, science, and engineering, is it surprising that the arts are the perfect companion for acquiring 21st-century skills when integrated into the STEM curriculum? Educators worldwide are recognizing that the critical…

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STEM Programs for 21st Century Skills What is a STEM Education Program? Most people who’ve been in a school since the nineties will be familiar with what a STEM education program is—a blend of technology, engineering, math, and science education that is popular in classrooms, education grants, and political speeches. But like a tired metaphor,…

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Outdoor Education Benefits Outdoor education is lacking in today’s schools. Getting outdoors, whether for a hike, a visit to the beach, a picnic at the park, or a camping trip – most would agree that nature provides a much-needed opportunity to refresh or hit the reset button for young students and adults alike. Vacations, staycations,…

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