Creative Arts Center West LA The MEG School

For students who want to break into the world of film, photography, or studio art! Students will learn academic subjects through the lens of their passions, while also working to hone their skills and compile a portfolio of work. The MEG School will create experiential learning opportunities for our students—from poetry slams to internships—in partnership with creative arts centers and art schools (OTIS, FIDM, CalArts, ArtCenter), local film/TV studios, and other arts organizations to give them a real vision of what life would be like as a working artist.

Below is a sneak peek of the curriculum for the Creative Arts track. In the 9th grade year, students will be doing interdisciplinary studies through the theme of Perception—in the first quarter, the unit will focus on Vision as described by our curriculum outline:

Unit 1: Vision

In this unit, 9th graders will explore biology and anatomy, introductory chemistry, ancient history, and literature through the lens of Vision. Lessons will emphasize skills of literary analysis, calculation and conjecture, measurement, and scientific observation.  

Driving Questions:

  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of human vision?
  • Why are humans predisposed to find particular colors, patterns, or designs pleasing?
  • How did early human civilizations view themselves and their place in the universe?
  • What are other “ways of seeing” humans have engaged in?

Learning Goals:

Upon completion of Unit 1, students will be able to:

  • Identify the anatomy and functions of a human eye, and compare its efficacy to the eyes of other species, such as spiders, flies, cows, and bats.
  • Explain how the arrangement of atoms and ions produces crystalline and lattice structures.
  • Explain the Fibonacci sequence (numerically, algebraically, and geometrically) and how its expressed in nature. Explain the golden triangle and its application in art and film.
  • Identify early human depictions of self in a variety of civilizations, and how they relate to the cosmic order.
  • Analyze literature, poetry, and religious scripture that explores the tension between free will and determinism.

For insight into how the theme of Perception is used to create rich lesson plans across the disciplines, explore these free teaching resources from other educators: